Kirsty Jane Armitage.

BA(Hons) Music Production graduate. A talented, young and ambitious music producer, composer, sound designer and multi instrumentalist. Currently looking for work in TV/Film/Games and Advertising.

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I compose. I record. I perform. I create. I deliver.

Versatility is my greatest strength.

Composition/Sound Design

With fluent musical reading and writing skills I can create bespoke original compositions or existing arrangements of any musical style and format. From classical to modern genres, I can create professional manuscripts and exciting music to cater for all requirements. A talented sound effects and foley artist with a large array of recorded sound libraries and intriguing sound capture methods. You need a sound? I will find it.


Music production of the highest quality with experience using the latest softwares and plugins, aswell as modern and vintage outboard hardware. Dependable Studio and Live Music engineer who is quick to think on her feet and prides herself on knowledge of equipment, setup and safety.


Having worked on several music videos and exhibit installations, the link between sound and vision is ever growing and I am always immersing myself in the latest technologies whether they are special effects systems, sound, lighting or interactive applications.

Awesome work makes happy clients.

And also makes me happy too! I take pride in everything I do no matter how large or small the project may be.


An original orchestral composition to accompany an animated short.


An experimental electronic composition, inspired by the largest neurons in the human brain.


An multichannel audio installation incorporating a leslie speaker.

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